NCS stands as a distinguished player in government projects, backed by extensive experience that spans over three decades. Our inaugural foray into this sector involved partnering with the local Register of Deeds, marking the genesis of a journey that has seen us contribute significantly to various government initiatives. Our initial project with the Register of Deeds epitomized the meticulous care and precision that characterizes NCS’s approach. Even with a modest beginning, involving the installation and testing of just three cables, the commitment to excellence set the tone for our subsequent engagements in the government sector.

Over the years, NCS has successfully executed diverse government projects, showcasing our expertise in handling complex and critical installations. Notable among these projects is our contribution to the Federal Courthouse serving the western district of North Carolina, a testament to our capability to meet the stringent requirements of federal facilities. The Mecklenburg County Courthouse and the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Offices are additional landmarks in our portfolio, where we have played a pivotal role in enhancing connectivity and infrastructure. Having installed thousands of cables for various government entities, NCS has demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and standards inherent in government projects. Our commitment to preserving relationships is a key tenet of our core values, underlining our dedication to fostering long-term partnerships with our government clients.

NCS takes immense pride in its continued service to the County and the City of Charlotte. This enduring commitment reflects not only our technical proficiency but also our adherence to the principles of reliability and accountability. Our role in crucial government projects underscores our significance in supporting the infrastructure that upholds the essential functions of local and federal governance. As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), both locally and nationally, and a HUB certified company in North Carolina, NCS is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the business landscape. These certifications not only underscore our commitment to excellence but also highlight our contribution to creating opportunities for underrepresented businesses in the industry. In essence, NCS’s journey in government projects encapsulates a legacy of expertise, reliability, and a steadfast commitment to service, making us a trusted partner in the sustained development of government infrastructure at various levels.